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Gravity Bridge
Blockchain Unlocked

An open and decentralized bridge that unlocks the power of interoperability and liquidity between blockchain ecosystems.

Onboarding from Ethereum and migrating years of infrastructure has been a difficult climb…

We make the climb as easy as falling.
Gravity Bridge, built by Althea.

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Why it works

Gravity bridge chain will act as neutral ethereum to cosmos bridge. Through IBC(Interblockchain communication), many different cosmos based projects can connect and use the bridge to access ERC20 assets, like dai or usdc, without having to operate the gravity orchestrator on their own chain.


Gravity will be able to bring ERC20 assets from Ethereum into Cosmos, as well as Cosmos assets to Ethereum ERC20 representations. ATOM, and any other asset in the Cosmos ecosystem, will be able to trade on Uniswap and other Ethereum AMMs, and interact with Ethereum DeFi like any ERC20 token

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How it works

Gravity lets people transfer tokens from Ethereum to Cosmos and back again by locking up tokens on the Ethereum side, and minting equivalent tokens on the Cosmos side.

User sends tokens to Gravity.sol

Locked tokens.png

Tokens are locked in the Gravity.sol contract


Equivalent tokens are minted on the Cosmos Chain



Validators who are ETH signers verify the transaction


The Gravity module creates batches of transactions of one type of token

sends tokens - eth.png

User sends tokens on Cosmos to the Gravity module for a fee


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