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IRISnet to integrate Gravity Bridge, providing ETH/Cosmos liquidity

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Another step towards Cosmos-ecosystem standard for bridged ETH assets

Gravity Bridge is proud to announce IRISnet, a leading Interchain NFT Hub and one of the original adopters of Cosmos SDK, is expanding beyond the Cosmos ecosystem and becoming the latest DEX to utilize the trustless Cosmos® Gravity Bridge™ by adapting it to the front-end of its cross-chain AMM protocol, CoinSwap.

Adopting Gravity Bridge enables CoinSwap to introduce Ethereum/EVM-compatible assets into the Cosmos ecosystem, which allows for an influx of capital and unique new functionalities, as well as opportunities for new tools and innovations in both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. Ethereum (ETH) and the Ethereum-based stable coin USDC are the first tokens to be available on the platform, with many more slated for integration.

This partnership also serves as a springboard for future collaborations and to unlock further opportunities between IRISnet and Gravity Bridge. IRISnet plans to soon integrate Gravity Bridge into IOBScan-IBC, the one-stop cross-chain explorer built by IRISnet core dev team, to bring a better interchain experience.

As Gravity Bridge provides ever increasing stable-liquidity in the Cosmos ecosystem and continues to expand NFT integration, a growing constellation of Cosmos DEXs and AMMs will be able to easily and permissionlessly add ETH assets to their platforms and contribute to interoperability within the ecosystem.

Cosmos® Gravity Bridge™’s advanced features, simplicity-focused design, neutrality, and ease of adoption make it THE cross-chain bridge for the COSMOS chains. With DeFi in Cosmos poised for an astronomical growth period, Cosmos blockchains are excited to access the liquidity the bridge provides. IRISnet’s integration with Gravity Bridge marks an exciting step towards a Cosmos-wide standard for bridged ETH assets.

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COSMOS is the registered trademark of the Interchain Foundation, and is being used by permission. GRAVITY BRIDGE is the trademark of Gravity Bridge.


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